Our Staff
I grew up in Warwick RI, the youngest of five children and went to Warwick schools.

My father was a pharmacist and my mother a musician of the highest order.

Much of my early training involved listening intently to my brother’s practicing for many hours a day and the techniques he used. I wanted very much to play the pieces I heard him playing. When my mother and my brother realized I was playing some of those pieces by ear, my lessons with Annie Rienstra started.

At fifteen, I was asked to be substitute organist at Asbury Church.

At eighteen I auditioned for an organist position at Shawomet Baptist Church in Warwick. At the audition, I was asked to play the Hallelujah chorus from “Messiah” as well as sight read several hymns and play one piece of my own choosing (I played Bach). I was hired for the job and during my seventeen years there, I took over directing the Junior Choir.

In 1984 I accepted a job that was offered to me at Woodbury Union Presbyterian Church in Warwick. This was a chance for me to take leadership of the chancel choir and also play a wonderful Moeller pipe organ.

I came to Edgewood Church in 1996 as a result of finding out from Katherine True, that Edgewood was looking for an organist. Edgewood Church was so near where I lived and I had become tired of a demanding job that did not measure up salary wise.

I was impressed with the wonderful Moeller organ at Edgewood and the acoustics. I appreciated the views held here by the denomination as well.

One day when I entered the sanctuary a man was tuning the piano. I was introduced to him by the minister. The tuner asked me “Is this your first job?” to which I replied “No, this is my LAST job.” A hearty laugh from the minister followed.

I have been married to my husband Ron for forty-two years.
I have two adult children Yolande and Jesse both married and one granddaughter, Helena.
Brenda Farrell Muoio
Organist & Choir Director