At Edgewood, there is always a place for a person to get involved. We have a number of activities, events, and outreach projects that a person can be a part of. We have annual events like our May Breakfast, June Yard Sale, and the Christmas Bazaar where you can help though volunteering in one or all of these events.

You can get involved in Youth and Children Ministries, as well as mission outreach through our numerous mission projects throughout the year. If you enjoy singing, you are welcome to become a part of the Sanctuary Choir or maybe participate in one or our seasonal Bible Studies. Maybe there is a ministry that you would like to start.

Getting involved is not difficult and is up to each person as to how involved they want to be in the work of the church. However, your involvement is important to us at Edgewood. We want everyone to find that ministry where they can serve and be a part of the ministry of changing hearts and transforming lives.
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